2009 ongoing: The Climamania Project

12 October, 2021

The Climamania Project: 

Oh Honeys, there just are way too many deaths and destruction occurring throughout the world. It is mankind’s responsibility to protect our home – Alicia Liley 

[Baa Atoll, Maldives, image courtesy  

Creative Commons BY-SA] 

SOUL intends to perform The Australian Premiere of the UK playwright Steve Waters’The Contingency Plan  in 2025, subject to being granted Performing Rights. 

This script is composed of two full length plays that encapsulate various viewpoints regarding Climate Change, offering a realistic balanced portrayal of attitudes of denial and the reality of the damaging environmental circumstances exhibited by the Climate Change Crisis. 

This double bill offers varied scientific opinions, media aspects and of course, the varied political attitudes apparent within today’s reality! With the finality of the public’s confusion as the situation worsens.