About Us

SOUL Theatre Inc. was formed to..

“… create community based, high quality productions of a professional standard that are entertaining and thought provoking. We represent the misunderstood, the disadvantaged and the disenfranchised by educating and enlightening our audience with confronting attitudes of narrow-minded thoughts, bigotry, injustice and ignorance.”

SOUL Theatre is largely the product of Alicia Liley, who founded SOUL Theatre Inc. in 1994 with Sam Shepard’s play A Lie of the Mind. Alicia (being a professional actor) played this play’s lead character Beth.

As Artistic Director, she selected this play because Beth acquires a brain injury (ABI) from domestic violence. Both of these themes aligned to the above mission statement. Alicia also has ABI from a traumatic car accident. For more information about Alicia, click here.

Since 1994, SOUL Theatre Inc. has produced seven major productions of professional quality on limited resources, including works by international and Australian authors such as: Sam Shepard, Tom Topor, Ron Elisha, Christopher Durang, Janet Brown and Dina Ross. For all but the first, the stage director has been David Myles, who has worked with leading companies internationally in Australia, the US and the UK. Production staff, including designers and technical crew have all been leading professionals in Australia.

To view a summary of SOUL’s history and a list of past productions, click here.

For detail of specific productions, click here.

Since 2009, SOUL Theatre Inc. has been focusing on the issue of Climate Change, which threatens the world yet is a very divisive issue in the broader community. Development of the Climamania project continues following 4 mini-productions in 2012, a Festival of Short plays and Music in 2015, Envirucation in 2019 and a series of Climate related events in 2022.

In 2021, SOUL adopted the name SOUL INFINITY! as new marketing profile to emphasise that the company is not only involved in theatre arts, but has activities such as SOUL Singers (SOUL’s Choir) and entertaining and educating audiences though multi-arts productions, including lectures, talks and videos.