Vacancies – President

PD – President, SOUL Theatre Inc.

Note: This is a voluntary, elected position.

The Company

SOUL Theatre Incorporated creates community based, high quality productions of a professional standard that are entertaining and thought provoking. We represent the misunderstood, the disadvantaged and the disenfranchised by confronting attitudes of narrow mindedness, bigotry, injustice and ignorance.

Alicia Liley formed the company in 1993/94. Currently CEO and Artistic Director, she has an acquired brain injury resulting from a motor car accident. Her inspiring story has been the subject of a television documentary: Alicia, which was broadcast six times nationally and also screened internationally.

SOUL Theatre is currently working on The Climamania Project to tackle issues of the climate change crisis and its effect on vulnerable communities. Volunteers are needed to assist with administration, marketing and production at a variety of levels, with the potential for these to become paid positions as resources allow.

The Board (also known as the Committee of Management, as defined in the Rules of Association) is responsible for the good governance of SOUL Theatre Inc., including the setting of policy, financial planning and oversight and ensuring compliance with relevant legislation.

The Board is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of members of SOUL Theatre Inc., and consists of:

(a) a President;
(b) a Vice-President;
(c) a Secretary;
(d) a Treasurer; and
(e) Ordinary Members/Directors (currently 6, the number to be
decided at the AGM of members each year).

The Board may appoint (and dissolve) sub-committees to deal with any specific matters as it sees fit.

The Board may co-opt members of SOUL Theatre Inc. to fill Board vacancies until the next Annual General Meeting.

Position Summary

The President is the Chairperson for any general meetings and for any committee meetings. Sec 46 of the Rules of Association relates.

Reports to: Board of Management collectively, general membership of SOUL Theatre Inc.

Works alongside: Board members, especially the Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Direct Reports: CEO

Governance: Attend and chair SOUL Theatre Board and general meetings of members. Prepare for these through prior consultation with the Secretary and/or CEO as appropriate regarding the Agenda for meetings. Between meetings, consult with the CEO regarding any matters requiring Board input or decisionmaking.

Leadership: Ensure the members of the Board are working harmoniously and effectively together in their various tasks and that the Board has the necessary skills and experience to achieve its goals and responsibilities.

Compliance: Ensure that SOUL Theatre Inc. is in compliance with funding body requirements, and all other relevant legal requirements, and that individual Board members and the CEO are meeting their responsibilities in this regard.

Finance: Ensure that the Treasurer and CEO provide financial reports to the Board for review at regular Board meetings and at the AGM, including annual and project budgets, funding strategies and timelines for funding opportunities.

Networks and Relationships: As appropriate, represent SOUL Theatre within high-level arts, disability and/or community networks. Assist the CEO to forge and maintain high-level relationships with government, business, the philanthropic sector, including potential sponsors and patrons.

Strategic Planning

Ensure that a dynamic 3-year Strategic Plan exists and is regularly reviewed, in conjunction with the Board, CEO and Executive team.

Authority Level:

The position is non-executive.


Annually, a report to be drafted for the membership on the achievements of SOUL Theatre and the Board.

The position is answerable to the members and subject to re-election at the AGM.

Essential Selection Criteria:

  • Leadership skills, a “people person”
  • Strategic oversight – the ability to see the big picture
  • Experience on Boards of Management particularly in the not-for-profit sector
  • Business experience, including developing and monitoring Business Plans
  • Knowledge of, and passion for: performing arts, cross art-form and interdisciplinary arts
  • Openness, non-judgmental approach to others
  • Hard worker

Desirable selection criteria:

  • Experience in negotiating sponsorship agreements and/or other formal partnerships
  • Knowledge of, and networks in, the arts, community arts, disability, local government and/or corporate industry sectors
  • Previous experience as a Board Chairperson

To apply, please send a letter addressing all the above Selection Criteria, and a CV, to